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Want to Roll With Us?

If you are interested in becoming a Need A Ride pedicab driver, fill out the form below or call 504-488-6565.


Who is Rollin'?

We are a group of happy social beings who love a challenge and our jobs. We are all in it for different reasons, but what it boils down to is we love working outdoors, interacting with strangers and we don't mind breaking a sweat!

We are fully trained, experienced and qualified Pedicab drivers and take pride in our excellent customer service, satisfaction, and safety. We want to make sure that all of our passengers are able to enjoy all that New Orleans has to offer, with a smile on their face and with safety in the back of our minds.

You may notice that many of us are not from around here, in fact most of us are travelling and have left home to experience the party capital of the world....New Orleans! We don't call it the "Big Easy" for nothing!

How To Roll

- Email managers.needaride@gmail.com with your resume and your intent of riding.
- We will get back to you about scheduling an interview with Need a Ride management.
- If you are hired by us you will then go to the Taxicab and For Hire Vehicle Bureau at City Hall.
- Complete the City of New Orleans Operator's Permit Application. You will be required to pay the application fee at that time.
- They will give you a list of locations to take a federal background check and drug test. You will need to pay for these services. Your results will be sent to the Taxi Cab Bureau. They will email you when your results are sent.
- Have your physical form completed.
- Once your federal background check and drug test are sent, bring your completed physical form back to City Hall for approval.
- Start riding with Need a Ride!

We offer the following positions:

Marketing Interns